LE Gymnastics Boosters, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to foster amatuer sports.

The current board members of the LE Gymnastics Boosters, Inc., and committee chairpersons, can be found below.  Please feel free to contact these people if you would like to help out.

Terese Hopfensperger



Jason Hanavan

Vice President


Michelle Barton

Member at Large, Awards and Recognition


Our family has been with Legacy Elite since the summer of 2013.  Elle began her gymnastics career in rec and then joined the pre-team, team and then the competition team.  She has competed both level 3 and 4 wearing the Legacy Elite leo!  We have enjoyed our time here and expect to stay with the gym throughout Elle’s gymnastic career wherever it should take her.


During my time at the gym, I have had the opportunity to represent the level 3 2014/15 and level 4 2015/16 teams as the Level rep.  This position has provided me with the opportunity to experience 2 meet seasons, and be responsible for timely and accurate information to the team, consisting of:  Informing the team parents of meet dates, times, locations, special instructions, special practices, and events the gym puts on.  It has also provided me with the opportunity to know every gymnast (on my level) by name and every parent as well.  I have also learned about special gym traditions like the Pre-Meet Season Clinic (holiday party) where I was on the special events committee, reporting to the position I am running for, that helped organize the event and I coordinated and arranged the food for the event.

Deanna Vesillus Amirante

Fundraising Chair

Jen Horstman


My family joined Legacy Elite in the summer of 2017, after my daughter, Sydnee, had competed in gymnastics at the local park district, then in Xcel and finally deciding to move over to JO.  Each year, I have had the privilege of serving each team as the Level Rep and was recently elected to the LE Booster Board as the Secretary.

When I am not at gymnastics or driving to and from practices, I enjoy spending time with my husband and twin daughters.  I have a passion for health, fitness and weightlifting and learning as much as I can about wine. 

Mark Stilling

Member at Large, Technology

My family has been at Legacy Elite since 2016.  Jaden competed during the 2019 season as a Level 6 and Melrose as a Level 4.  My wife, Jami, has been coaching gymnastics for the past 20 years and is currently the XCEL coach at Legacy Elite.  That said, I didn't want to be left out so I decided to get involved with the Booster Board.  When I am not being a gymnastics dad, I am a School Psychologist, Head Football Coach, and assistant basketball coach at Schaumburg High School.   We love Legacy Elite and wouldn't replace it for the world.

Joyce Perea

Member at Large, Winter Classic Meet Director

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